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Download Sonic Forces now on your Android (APK) devices:

Sonic Forces is the platform video game which is now finally re-released for the Android (APK) devices for the first time on the mobile game history. It is scheduled to released on the 2017 so, now it is finally made available for the Android (APK) Devices Worldwide for the mobile gamer around the world. This series of the Sonic is the developed because of the 25th anniversary of the Sonic Series. So this Sonic Forces for Android (APK) can be the greatest series of the Sonic. Before this Sonic was the side scrolling video game but this time the Sonic Forces for Android (APK) has also added the Modern and Classic Sonic which is very interesting and unique gameplay, which is played on the 3D Perspective View which is too cool and liked the gamer.

Sonic Forces for Android (APK) is the Platform Video game developed by the Sonic Team and published by the Sega for the Android (APK) devices. Similar to the Previous series of the Sonic Generation there is the Sonic Hedgehog where is there is two types of the Sonic which is Sonic Modern and Sonic Classic.

Unlike previous version of the Sonic this time the game is played on the Third-Dimensional View on the Modern Sonic whereas in the Classic Sonic there is the Second Dimensional View and Played by the scrolling side by side. Classic Sonic can Drop Dash moving ability where as the Modern Sonic can Perform the double jump and both can perform he spin dash. Because of its cool game play the game is liked by the gamer and it has been the first 3D game of the Sonic on the Mobile Devices for the First time in the gaming history.

So this time the game is more interesting and more unique than the other games and has more features which made this game to the gamer to wait. Sonic Forces has been the most awaited game as well as the anticipated video game for the Personal Computer (PC) so it is now finally made available or compatible for the Android (APK) devices like Samsung S6 Edge, Samsung S7 Edge, Samsung S8, HTC One, HTC Bolt, Google Pixel, OnePlus One, OnePlus Two, OnePlus Five, Huawei Phone Series, Lenovo Phone Seiries and many other Android Notes/Tablets. So what are you Waiting for Download Now on your Android (APK) Devices and Enjoy Playing Sonic Forces now by click the button below:

Download Sonic Forces now on your Android (APK) devices:


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