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Introducing the new/fresh Nintendo Video Game with the different gameplay and has the more mode than the previous video game series which is the Pokkén Tournament DX which is now finally released on the Nintendo, Play Station 4, XBOX One, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. So download and Install now by clicking the Download button below the description. Pokkén Tournament DX is the enhanced version of the previous version or this also the enhanced version for the Mac OS. This time the game has the different gameplay where the player can take the Pokemon character to fight with the other character and the pokemon can be upgraded according to the matches they won.


Pokkén Tournament DX is the fighting video game among the Pokemon which is now finally released and developed by the Bandai Namco Studios and published by The Pokemon Company. This game Pokkén Tournament DX combines the character of the Namco’s video game Tekken Series which is amazing and has the cool features. In this game, Pokkén Tournament has the 21 prized Pokemon which is used and played to fight the other enemies on the battle and win/lose the Pokemon. The game also features the control on the power of the Pokemon which is too awesome. Now the Pokemon’s power can be used by the gamer by the help of the keyboard and the mouse so this game also features the gesture which is the one of the cool thing of this game. Pokkén Tournament DX can also be played multiplayer with the friend online as well as offline also the player can connect the game online and can be played online throughout the world known as the world tournament.


Game Mode

Pokkén Tournament DX has now new battle modes which can be played to compete/battle with the friends around the world which is too awesome. Now this is the chance of the player to win the different kingdom and Pokemon by battling with friends with the multiplayer or by the help of the online mode. Kingdom like Ferrum Region can be conquered. Not only this the game has also features to call the backup Pokemon to win the game or the battle.

Download and Install Pokkén Tournament DX for Mac OS:

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