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Little Nightmares for Mac OS is the puzzle-platformer adventure horror video game which is developed by the Tarsier Studios and published by the famous creator Bandai Namco Entertainment. This game is first set to be released on the different Consoles like Play Station 4, XBOX One but now it is finally made available for the Microsoft Windows OS as well as for the Mac OS.

Little Nightmares for Mac has been the anticipated game for the gamer since the trailer and now this game has the positive response of the gamer and has been the best puzzle game of the year. The gaming engine used on the Little Nightmares is the Unreal Engine 4 which is very great work done by the developer Tarsier Studios.

Little Nightmares for Mac starts with the main character who is nine-year old girl whose name is the Six and trapped on the The Maw. The Maw in this game is the mysterious vessel catering to the whims of sick and powerful creatures. So according to the game creator the main character is controlled by the player and the player need to get out of the vessel and go to the home where she can be safe and sound. In this game Little Nightmares there is the six main character who are the main character Six, The Lady, The Janitor, The Chefs, Nomes and The Kid. So this game has the most interesting story-line where these six character has the different roles which is very interesting.

So to play this game of the year Little Nighmares on you Mac OS(iMac) click the button below:-

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